Hooked On Fight Content- 06.11.21

Another week is close to biting the dust, but before it does, we have content to review from ONE, the UFC and the boxing world!

Happy Halloween from ONE Championship

ONE Championship took to Instagram to wish their fans a happy Halloween with some archived footage of Melvin Manhoef vs Brock Larson. Melvin running around the Octagon after Brock was a viral clip from this fight, and ONE have maximised the opportunity to tribute it to dubbing Pennywise from IT in the video.

The clip has over 2m plays thus far, making it their most-viewed Instagram video in over a month. There are many more creative ways to produce Halloween-themed content than putting out a generic social media poster these days. It also shows the multiple purposes you can use archived content for.

Whether you’re a marketer working for a brand or a creator, make multiple uses of your content. Such as creating them into GIF’s, out of context compilations or animated pieces. You’ll find an increase in reach, engagement and awareness.

Canelo Alvarez has come a long way!

November 6th will be the biggest day in Canelo’s boxing career, as he aims to unify the division by facing 21-0 Caleb Plant. Canelo’s journey to becoming 56-1-2 is sensational; he’s posted a video timeline of his career highlights ahead of his fight this weekend.

During fight week, it’s natural for broadcasters, right holders and brands to produce nostalgic content like this for the athletes involved. It reminds the consumer about the legacy their favourite fighters have created in the sport, which gradually increases the excitement for the main event.


UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman will again defend his title against Colby Covington this weekend at UFC268. During the build-up, Colby has made bold claims that Kamaru is a drug cheat.

Usman hasn’t ever failed a USADA test. Therefore, he didn’t entertain a response to Colby’s accusations until today. The Nigerian Nightmare released an Instagram reel wearing a bomber jacket with a ‘tested by USADA’ badge.

This content could certainly be a monetisation avenue Kamaru could explore as he’s got his own merchandise collection with clothing brand, the Southern Gents. Kamaru’s response to Colby is also a proactive way to engage your fans while continuing to create a buzz before his title defence.  

In Aljamain’s corner

UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling has featured more recently on the UFC YouTube channel with a new series, ‘In Aljamain’s corner’. The series has three episodes thus far, and each explores a different element of Sterling’s preparations in fight camp.

This episode caught my eye because it’s a chance to educate the MMA audience about a fighter’s journey. The medical side of the sport is crucial to understanding how athletes get in shape, receive the right training and how injuries can impact them.

It’s also a chance for Sterling to share this content internally to engage his own fan base while he’s not competing.

The Pink Suit reporter returns

Formally known as Josh Cohen, is gradually becoming one of the most polarising UFC journalists in this era. However, that didn’t stop him from posing the question to Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington on whether he’ll release x-rays of his jaw from UFC245 if he loses this weekend.

To maximise impact, Josh has created a Cameo account entitled ‘The UFC Pink Suit Guy’, which is a nickname he’s picked up ever since the UFC254 press conference. This initiative opens a monetisation avenue alongside a chance to create personal relationships with his audience, similar to what Ariel Helwani and The Schmo have done.

There we have it! A mixture of memes, fan engagement and other content insights. What did you find most valuable from this week’s Hooked On Fight Content newsletter?


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