What can traditional athletes learn from YouTube Boxer’s? – Edition 1

The growth of Influencer-led sport, particularly YouTube Boxing, has been undeniable within this generation. It’s gotten to a point where traditional athlete’s have many lessons to benefit from with how this new cohort of athlete’s have marketed themselves.

How can Showstar Boxing maximise its first event through content creation? 

There’s a new boxing promotion on the horizon known as ‘Showstar Boxing’ who are bringing an influencer exhibition card entitled ‘UK vs USA’. What can they do through content creation to empower this event?

Sports industry trends to look out for in 2022- Influencer-led sport

This year has been an unorthodox one across the sports industry but influencer-led sport continues to lead the way.

Exclusive Interview with James McKeown: Chief Operating Officer at UCFB’s Global Institute of Sport

Ever wanted to explore the life of a Chief Operating Officer? Interested to learn what makes a good leader in sport? Well, James’ your man!

The AST wrap-up: Influencer boxing, sports crypto and more!

TikTok joins the YouTube boxing wave, socios.com continue to lead the sports crypto movement, and you’ll never guess what LeBron’s next venture is!

Eye-catching marketing moments from Super Bowl LV

We all know Tom Brady was the winner on the pitch last weekend. However, we haven’t discovered who took the W’s on the marketing front for this year’s Super Bowl.

What trends can the sports industry expect in 2021?

2020 was a year like no other for the world. I bet you can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store, click here to find out!

The AST Wrap-up; any idea what the highest PPV fight could be for 2020?

Christmas has come early with this weeks edition of sports business! Click here to find out what the highest sold fight could be for 2020!

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Luxury football fashion: how has rap culture influenced a new style in the game?

The beautiful game has become more fashionably appealing in this era, thanks to UK rap culture. Who would’ve thought?