Content trends that stood out in combat sports during 2022

Utilising non-sporting themes to amplify athlete-driven personalities further The UFC have explored many ways to better connect with its audience. A large theme contributing to this involves Q&A sessions; the UFC decided to create a series which embraces this called No MMA Questions. The clue is in the name, MMA fighters answer questions which exploreContinue reading “Content trends that stood out in combat sports during 2022”

Content Lessons with Ash: how can creating content through memes benefit my brand?

Memes have evidently grown from little gimmicks to creating moments which from a marketer’s perspective is content gold! Find out how they can benefit your brand.

Content lessons with Ash: How can athletes make the most of Twitter bios? 

When interacting with anyone, research beforehand, whether for a job interview or similar, is normal. Well, Twitter bios are an essential analogy which matches perfectly. How can we maximise them?