How can sports properties utilise ChatGPT? 

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot designed to respond to text-based enquiries and language responses. It’s a free conversational model that generates human-like text when interacting with the application.

It’s fair to say ChatGPT has taken the world by storm. The app has reached 100m+ users only two months after its launch (January 2023).

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With the growth of AI, multiple opportunities have been offered to the sports industry. For example, the rapid increase in digital currency has been utilised by sports properties placing themselves on the stock market. Furthermore, the metaverse has presented new brand opportunities to strengthen fan engagement initiatives. With ChatGPT on the scene for a few months, how can sports properties utilise this opportunity?

Interactive Customer Service

Having sports fans interact with a virtual customer service agent will enhance the customer experience. For example, having a chatbot which can answer common fan questions such as the following, “when are tickets going to be made available for the next UFC event?”, “where is the cheapest shop I can find a Spurs jersey for the upcoming season?”, “How soon until Lebron James is planning to do a meet and greet in the UK?”.

The context of these questions enhanced by OpenAI will improve their experience as sports consumers with quick and accurate information.

Brighter fan engagement strategies

Despite the growth of digital on the upwards trajectory, there are still challenges, such as more and more brands hopping onto content creation, it becomes harder to stand out. For example, if you’re a marketer in the Premier League, you can utilise ChatGPT to analyse previous content you’ve posted on social platforms. This strategy can support your thought process behind maintaining a consistent tone of voice amongst your audience. Plus, it’s also beneficial for saving time throughout the content creation process.

Reporting sports event summaries

Typical sports fan behaviour consists of expecting match reports and stats live throughout games and being available in full as soon as possible once a football game is finished. For example, after a Spurs game has ended, I’m used to receiving a pop-up notification for the BBC Sport app when I look at my phone, which has a match report available.

There’s potential for ChatGPT to be a resource to assist with formulating sports event summaries via game day datasets. Doing so would be an innovative method to give fans an alternative avenue to get the value they desire.

Language services

In sports such as MMA, for example, during press conferences at the UFC, the global appeal is huge. Despite English being one of the most common languages worldwide, not everyone can speak and understand it fluently. Properties such as the UFC hire translators and transcribers so fans can connect and engage with athletes from foreign cultures.

This is where ChatGPT has an opportunity to help. For example, when creating content to better connect with an international audience, ChatGPT can automate tasks such as translating the text into whatever native language you desire. Then, when you go to make a tweet/post a caption on Instagram, the content is ready to go.

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Can you think of any other ways ChatGPT can benefit the sport industry?


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