Fred Talks Fighting- the journalists personal brand

Fred Talks Fighting, also known as Fred Beck, is an 18-year-old combat sports journalist who predominantly focuses on Boxing and MMA. Despite being very young, Fred has made his journalistic ambitions bold with his resume of interviewees thus far, including Jeff Mayweather, Tyson Fury, Eddie Hearn and more. As well as the traditional fight game, he’s been involved in reporting at the YouTube Boxing scene, which has been effective at propelling his personal brand to new heights. This blog will discover Fred’s involvement in further detail alongside what his future brand could look like.

Showstar Boxing: Deji vs Alex Wassabi

This month, there was a YouTube Boxing event at the OVO Arena, headlined by Deji vs Alex Wassabi, promoted by Showstar Boxing. Before this event, Fred received 10s-100s of views per upload via his YouTube channel. During this event, Fred began accumulating 10,000s views for interviews he was having with YouTube personalities, including King Kenny, Deji, Alex Wassabi and more. His highest viewed interview has over 500k hits and is with Deji discussing his pre-fight rituals, changes in his training camp, inspirations from his brother, KSI, and more. The week after the Showstar Boxing event, the 17-year-old acquired 15,000 subscribers on his channel, which now reads as 19,000+.

Seeing Fred’s spout in video views demonstrates the difference in content consumption between the younger generation and more senior audiences across combat sports. YouTube Boxing is led by personalities who typically have higher-engaged audiences than traditional boxers. For this reason, they’ll be generally more enticed into clicking on content that gives them an emotional connection with their favourite personality. For this reason, Fred’s journalistic profile has benefitted greatly by maximising as many interviews as possible with stars in the YouTube space.

A pivotal figure in YouTube Boxing

In the YouTube Boxing space, there’s a lack of journalist/media reporters that authentically understand the trend regarding engaging with the personalities. Previously, when KSI vs Logan Paul 2 was made, critics mentioned the atmosphere differed from the high-energy atmosphere present throughout KSI vs Joe Weller and KSI vs Logan Paul.

Fred Talks Fighting could potentially propel as the top media platform to represent the YouTube Boxing scene. For example, combat sports reporting giants iFL TV were present at the Showstar Boxing event. During fight week, YouTube-related content to the Deji vs Wasaabi fight (including live workouts, press conferences, event night etc.), iFL TV accumulated 1.8m+ views on their YouTube channel. On the other hand, Fred Talks Fighting acquired 3.3m+ YouTube views on Showstar Boxing related content throughout fight week. This demonstrates that Fred’s reporting style, content production, and persona is perhaps better-matched to represent the YouTube Boxing-verse than wider traditional reporter companies.

Achievement reactions

The young journalist has lots to celebrate and brag about following his successes from the Showstar event. He’s gained 15,000 subscribers, featured on a channel called DramaAlert with 5.7m subscribers alongside on Joe Weller’s podcast, Wafflin.

Fred took to his YouTube channel and recorded his reaction to achieving 15,000 subscribers alongside featuring on DramaAlert. Despite the views on those clips being similar to other content, he’s got the right idea to showcase his emotions to watch his personal brand propel.

As a journalist, despite your role to report on circulating events, it’s also important to build an audience to share your emotion to personal moments in your career.

Fred has demonstrated strong potential as a young combat sports journalist with his initiative to get involved in YouTube Boxing, the impressive resume on his channel alongside his audience-building techniques. What are you most impressed with about Fred Talks Fighting?

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