How can Showstar Boxing maximise its first event through content creation? 

On March 5th, the YouTube Boxing scene returns home to the U.K. with a new promotion, Showstar Boxing, presenting a U.K. vs U.S.A. card seeing content creators from both nations taking on each other in the ring. YouTube boxing has gone from strength to strength in recent years with Jake Paul’s meteoric rise, himself becoming a promoter for none other than Amanda Serrano alongside various influencer exhibition events. Despite the growth, there are areas of critique that need to be outlined to enhance the legitimacy of YouTube Boxing. For example, the Jake Paul vs Ben Askren fight headlined by streaming app, Triller, gained many critiques surrounding it being too entertainment-focused, a lack of professionalism, and labelled ‘cringy’. This blog will discover what Showstar has done well to meet the YouTube boxing communities’ needs alongside how they can amplify their event through content creation.

What has Showstar Boxing done well so far? 

Fan-led decisions

Creating a fan-led event. Across Showstar’s social channels, they’ve run through various polls asking their followers what fights and commentators they’d like to see on occasion. Examples include securing fights such as Deji vs Alex Wasabi, King Kenny vs Faze Temper and The W.A.D.E. Concept as the U.S. commentator. As traditional boxing fans would agree, one of the sports issues has been creating events driven by the fans in recent years. By doing so, they’ve built an online community influenced by genuine initiatives fans of influencer boxing want to see. This increases the likelihood of a boost in sales alongside brand awareness and engagement.

What content will make a powerful impact on event promotion? 

Pre-fight documentaries

For KSI vs Logan Paul 2, streaming service, D.A.Z.N., co-produced a fight documentary entitled ’40 days’ for both fighters. It covered both boxers’ fighting camps, including training footage, vlogs and their mentalities entering the fight. It was uploaded to both creators’ YouTube channels, accumulating 15.4m views.

Documentaries have proven effective at promoting a theme of authenticity, interest, and awareness to the content they’ve produced. YouTube Boxing thus far has been a mix of showmanship and athleticism, two values that are key towards its success. If each fighter or at least the four involved in the main and co-main event can get coverage of their camp’s training camps, fighter interviews, and other behind-the-scenes clips, this will prove beneficial for driving sales and engagement for the event.

What I find fantastic about the U.F.C. embedded series is that it provides exclusive access for fans, which can enhance their engagement with their favourite athletes. Suppose Showstar could advise or produce something similar for the creators featuring on this card. In that case, it could prove beneficial for building up engagement and enhancing a professional look for the event.

Fighter Interviews and media day

Traditional boxing events have press conferences; however, what will make the difference for Showstar is them being moderated by those who truly understand the creator space. For example, U.K. YouTuber True Geordie moderated the KSI vs Logan Paul 2 U.K. Press Conference. True has been following the YouTube Boxing extravaganza since KSI stepped in with Joe Weller in London. These initiatives make a cultural impact that entices the viewer to follow the event due to the authenticity, professionalism, and chemistry the interview empowers.

The W.A.D.E. Concept became a fan-selected commentator for this event; utilising him for interviewing fighters during the build-up could prove an effective move. W.A.D.E. is a YouTuber who’s gradually risen to become a pivotal voice of the YouTube boxing community through his fight reactions fighter interviews alongside other fight-related content. Thus far, he’s gained, 149k subscribers and 14.9k+ social media followers. Not only has he built a solid following, but his content also comes across as authentic, knowledgeable and professional, which would reflect well under Showstar Boxing if he’s involved during fight interviews and press conference moderation.


Sky Sports Boxing built a reputation for this, getting the two fighters in a room confronting each other without any audience other than a moderator. It’s an element of ‘close and personal’ content which enhances the appetite for the main event through both fighters speaking their mind about their thoughts on each other.

For the KSI vs Logan Paul 2 card, this D.A.Z.N. YouTube video accumulated 6.8m+ views. That itself demonstrates the appetite boxing fans have for content like this. Furthermore, considering this is an influencer-led event, the face-to-face moments are an opportunity to create viral moments which can expand reach to non-traditional audiences.

With previously promoted YouTube Boxing exhibition events, such as Social Gloves: Austin McBroom vs Bryce Hall, Triller Fight Club: Jake Paul vs Ben Askren and Social Knockout, what’s been lacking is professional production behind an influencer-led event. Understandably, it’s a challenge to balance professionalism with such a highly valued entertainment exhibition. However, it’s the factor that can make or break your target audience’s interest in it. Therefore, if some of these principles are followed by Showstar Boxing throughout its event promotion, I’m sure we’ll be in for a well-produced fight card.


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