Sports industry trends to look out for in 2022- content isn’t king, it’s golden

We’re seeing properties such as Matchroom Boxing investing more time, effort, and cost into their content creation. The leading boxing promotion launched an independent media production arm, Matchroom Media, earlier this year, focusing on live production, programming, and content creation surrounding Matchroom-related events.

The rapid rise of influencer-led sport has also inspired many athletes to take their content more seriously. For example, athletes such as Israel Adesanya, Ben Foster, Sean O’Malley, and Ryan Garcia have invested their time forming YouTube channels and Podcasts to better connect with their audiences. It also helps them establish their personal brand to a wider demographic, which relates to marketability, sponsorship opportunities, and even net worth. This year, A study by the Harvard Business Review found that a 5% increase in retention can increase revenue by 25-95%.

Short-form video app, TikTok, broke new ground this year as it overtook Google as the world’s most popular website. TikTok has arguably become the hub for viral content where over 1 billion users have registered with the site to date. The platform also announced they’re going to launch a delivery service entitled ‘TikTok Kitchen’ and aim to release the service in 1,000 locations by the end of 2022. We’re in an era where brands are pivoting into media companies to broaden their monetisation streams, and creators are leading the way to influence this change.

Content has also never been consumed in the extent of formats we find today. From audio, video, articles, Twitter threads and more. We’re openly seeing more sports brands being creative with their tone of voice alongside announcing key updates for their fans. Spartak Moscow is a prime example, especially with its Twitter page. There’s a risk of it damaging a brands integrity. However, it’s also a chance to engage better and strengthen your online community.

2022 will see a year where the relationship between content creators and athletes will work hand in hand. The level of effort placed in an athlete’s personal brand will reflect on their commercial appeal, sponsorship value, and other endorsement opportunities.


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I'm a First-Class Graduate in Sports Business Management who has worked across Local Government, Sport and the Third Sector. Throughout my career, I've developed a thriving passion to promote sport being used as a tool to bring positivity to the world we live in. This ethos has inspired me to create a website which champions this value through comprehensive online content for you to gain value from. Join me on this journey of discovering what sport can do to enhance society.

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