Hooked On Fight Content- 11.12.21

Ahead of a big combat sports weekend, it’s only right I wrap up the best bits of content this week.

Dustin’s arrival at UFC269

This is a nice little training shot by Dustin Poirier ahead of his fight with Charles Oliveira this weekend. 

Paid in full has become Dustin’s slogan in the fight game, and I appreciated how he had a hashtag ending sequence in the video. Content like that allows your audience to have a phrase they associate with you regardless of whenever they hear it. 

Steps like that put you in the right direction of building a solid online community. 

Reflecting on the best finishes 

Ahead of UFC269, the content team created a compilation of the hottest knockouts from fighters featuring on the card. 

This type of fight content will usually be effective at scoring high engagement as it’s something fans value their money’s worth for when purchasing/viewing a combat sports event. 

Focusing promotional content around key moments like this is an effective strategy to build momentum and an appetite for the main event. 

Funniest combat sports stare downs 

Whenever the Sidemen get involved in creating content that represents your brand, you know you’re doing something right. 

Face-offs across combat sports are a great way to win the competitive edge against your competitor and build an appetite for the fans. 

It’s also something that has a high ‘shareability’ rate amongst various fan bases due to the humour, tension and emotion they attract across different demographics. 

A YouTuber is one of the U.S.’s top 10 most searched athletes on Google 

The Google Year of Search was released recently, and surprisingly for many, Jake Paul has found himself as the 10th most search athlete this year in the U.S. 

Personally, it doesn’t surprise me to see this. Jake has grown to become one of the biggest stars in combat sports this year and it’s clear why.

1) Self-promotion. He’s adopted a similar promotional model to Floyd Mayweather where he’s willing to play the ‘villain’, considering it supports PPV sales. 

2) Content Creation. He’s entered boxing with a large audience, many of who are from the next-gen with an ability to produce engaging content in an important era. 

3) Strategic call-outs. Paul’s received much backlash for not fighting a boxer in his first 4 boxing matches. The reason behind this includes Jake knowing MMA fighters have strong leverage in combat sports but aren’t always known for their boxing. This way, he’s built his profile while not taking a huge risk of tarnishing his record in his primary career. 

The Suga Show

Sean O’Malley is becoming one of the UFC’s biggest stars to date with over 1.5m social media followers and one of the most eye-catching haircuts in the game. 

The content team recently got Sean to sit down and react to some of the promotions most viral moments. 

This content piece caught my eye because the entire production was branded around Sugar Sean. From the adjusted brand colour of the UFC logo to the background gradient siSean’sng Sean’s hair colour. 

When you have growing stars within your brand, it’s integral to incorporate whatever possible to promote them through content creation. 

That’s a wrap! What was your most insightful piece of content this week?


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