Hooked On Fight Content- 04.12.21

The weekend has arrived, meaning it’s time to wrap up the most outstanding pieces of content across the fight game! This week includes Hasbulla, MVP, a throwback to UFC268 and more!

Whatever you do, don’t ask MVP to look at you!

None other than MVP made noise on his socials this week. The above clip is from his win against Jeremie Holloway via an Achilles lock. 

This was a special fight for MVP as he’s previously won most of his fights via striking prowess, but this one was via a submission. 

The video has over 400k views, and it incorporates various elements of fan engagement. It’s a highlight from his career, a ‘memeable’ piece of content and something that will create discussion. 

What exactly did Colby say to Kamaru at the end of their rematch?

It’s fair to say Colby and Kamaru shared a heart to heart at the end of UFC268. Despite their long-standing rivalry, even they could grace respect to one another. 

The clip has over 45.6k views and demonstrates the appetite of sports fans wanting to get close and personal to their favourite athletes. 

If you represent an athlete or are an athlete building your personal brand, ensure that you maximise behind the scenes content across socials as that’s what fans appreciate. 

We may have found a new Wonderboy

It’s almost like we’re looking at the new Wonderboy of MMA on IG! I came across Nat’s IG page earlier this week and love what he does, especially this reel. 

This video follows the three content Es. Entertaining, Engaging and Educating. Someone scrolling along this post could find it beneficial to better their MMA skills or even be inspired to try a martial art themselves. 

Clips like this are also a great opportunity to engage your audience. You can create challenges from them, encourage hashtag sharing to boost reach and be on your way to building an online community. 


Rafael Fiziev calling out Hasbulla Magomedov was one of the most unorthodox call-outs the combat sports world has ever seen. The 10-1 lightweight is fighting against 10-1 Brad Riddell this weekend, and the UFC has made a big deal of it with one of their latest IG reels.

In the space of 20 hours, the clip gained over 588k likes and close to 10k comments. Those metrics make this reel one of the UFC’s most significantly engaged posts from the last month.

This post is highly engaging because it has the ‘memeability’ factor. I’m sure many of you have seen Hasbulla memes scattered across social media, which potentially influenced the 18-year-old being invited to UFC267. The UFC has maintained this attention by including him in a social media post.

Now that’s what I call a redemption trailer

YouTube boxer, Deji, has announced he’s making a comeback to boxing following his defeat to TikToker, Vinnie Hacker, last summer. Deji is yet to win a fight in his preliminary boxing career, and many have questioned whether the YouTuber should box again.

On November 29, Deji Tweeted ‘December 2 2021’ implying he’s planning to make a boxing-related announcement. This was then followed up with a YouTube trailer that included training footage, quotes about Deji’s journey thus far and a shot of Wembley arena.

What worked successfully with this trailer was the messages that were communicated. There’s a suggestion he’s got an opponent lined up; his next fight could be at Wembley arena, and he’s currently training. All of that was done inside 1 minute and 32 seconds.

That’s a wrap! What was your key insight this week?


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