How does Megan Anderson’s personal brand enhance her marketability?

With 1.5m+ social media followers and 38.8k YouTube subscribers, Megan Anderson has effectively built her personal brand since departing the UFC. From making content around fight reactions and Twitch streams alongside pursuing merchandise partnerships, Megan is one to learn from. This blog will discover the power of Megan’s personal brand.

Twitch streamer

Megan has been a Twitch streamer for just over a year now and has partnered on the platform. Most of Anderson’s content includes playing Call of Duty and interacting with her fans through Twitch’s live chat functions.

By Twitch streaming, Megan engages with her audience by showing more of her personality through gaming. Plus, through the live chat feeds and streams, she’s building a community that’s engaged in her.

Demetrious Johnson, Angela Hill, Quinton Jackson, and Max Holloway are other MMA fighters who also stream on Twitch. This gives Megan a chance to collaborate with them to grow her Twitch profile and reach the wider MMA audience.

YouTube content

YouTube content is something the former UFC fighter takes seriously, as well as Twitch. Anderson has grown over 38k subscribers and approximately 2.7k average views from her last five uploads from fight reactions and clips from Twitch streams.

Despite leaving the UFC after her loss to Amanda Nunes earlier this year, she still has a fanbase from the UFC and MMA world following her. By producing fight-tailored content, she’s opening up another avenue for fan engagement and a chance to become a major discussion touchpoint in MMA. Considering she’s a former UFC fighter, this could lead to punditry opportunities with other channels or even broadcasting networks.


Clothing brand, LetYourNerdOut (LYNO) partnered with Megan to create exclusive merchandise for her community and fans. The products are orientated around casual fashion, including hoodies, tracksuits, beany hats, stickers, and crop tank tops.

Anderson’s collaboration with LYNO transfers her audience into a transactional environment from an engagement avenue. Merchandise partnerships also open more fan engagement opportunities, such as influencer marketing campaigns, social media challenges, and even incorporating those passions into YouTube content.

So, how does Megan Anderson’s personal brand enhance her marketability? Her content across Twitch and YouTube is an easy fan engagement initiative to create an online community. Her merchandise partnership with LYNO bridges her audience into a transactional environment and opens more chances to engage and interact.


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