Could Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul be the most marketable event in sporting history?

2020 has been one unprecedented year, but 50-0 Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather announcing his return into the ring against 0-1 YouTube boxer Logan Paul tops it all off. Social Media has entered a roller coaster of memes, critique and confusion ever since this bout was confirmed last Sunday.

The polarising opinions are what makes this extravaganza extremely marketable. On Floyd and Logan’s Instagram accounts, the fight announcement received over 1.2 million likes per platform, the highest level of engagement they’ve received on Instagram since early 2020. It’s predicted this fight will crush PPV figures, particularly with the primary streaming platform Fanmio Boxing promoting a PPV of $24.99 before 1 million purchases are secured.

Similar to Tyson vs Jones Jr, this event draws in a new wave of entertainment culture considering Floyd’s presence across sport, entertainment and the black community. At the same time, Logan is a large personality across the Gen Z and Alpha community.

‘Pretty Boy Floyd’ officially retired from boxing after his victory against The Notorious Conor McGregor in the famously dubbed, ‘Money Fight’ during August 2017. However, December 2018 saw Money May put his gloves back on for an exhibition fight against Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa, seeing Mr. 50-0 gain a first-round win.

US creator Logan Paul has been involved in the YouTube Boxing Campaign since 2018. Following UK Entertainer KSI’s victory against UK YouTuber Joe Weller in 2018, Logan Paul accepted KSI’s challenge to box at the Manchester Arena in August 2018 which ended in a majority draw, streamed by 2.25 million viewers. Reflecting on the illustrious digital output, Matchroom Boxing Director Eddie Hearn took their rematch to The Staples Center, LA in November 2019 which became DAZN’s 5th highest-selling event of 2019.

Despite KSI’s win, it appears Logan has taken the W as he’s chosen to fight Floyd instead of the YouTube boxing champion. However, KSI is anticipated to fight against 2-0 US influencer Jake Paul and taking a fight with Mayweather could destroy the narrative both creators have produced through YouTube boxing. Instead, Logan hasn’t got anything to lose and has an enormous global audience that will captivate lucrative value to acquire sales.

So, what makes Mayweather vs Paul so marketable? The two own a combined social media reach over 80 million, that’s a lot of eyeballs! Plus, Floyd returning from his 3rd retirement draws interest from hardcore boxing fans and senior sports supporters. Alternatively, Logan Paul garners attention from Generation Z & Alpha, the YouTube community and other digital influencers and creators across the globe. Gen Z prominence in this event will provide betting companies illustrious opportunities to appeal their odds to new customers; young adults with beginners knowledge around gambling.

Meme marketing has taken over Twitter & Reddit feeds since the fight announcement. Event-associated brands, sponsors and stakeholders should acknowledge this avenue to build engagement with high volumes of Gen Z and Alpha audiences. Some UK personalities have created mock-up announcements inspired by Mayweather vs Paul, including UK YouTuber Niko Omilana against US World Champion Shannon Briggs. Plus, US rapper Snoop Dog is highly anticipated to be commentating on the exhibition and certainly made a name for himself due to his hysterical live spectating. A new culture could emerge through sponsorship and brand strategy, which is orientated around meme-marketing to entice youthful audiences to their services.

A new wave of sports culture is coming following Snoop Dog’s recent initiative with video-sharing platform Triller and Proxima to launch ‘The Fighters Club’. This is a celebrity boxing league for entertainers, actors, artists and other public figures to star in a 5-8 boxing card series. Triller’s involvement with Tyson vs Jones Jnr was a successful incentive which saw 40-50% of PPV buys contributed by Jake Paul. At the same time, his brutal KO on Nate Robinson formulated into a viral meme challenge acquiring over a 1 million social media reach. The fight could get an all-time PPV record for 2020 of £1.6 million.

In summary, Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul could become the most marketable sports event ever due to the culture that’s emerging from the unorthodox nature of this bout.


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