The AST wrap-up; the sports industry’s evolving into an entertainment business

Sports streaming continues to evolve as a global broadcasting dominator, esports growth remains undisputed, and the women’s game becomes unified with the men’s through a new global partnership.

DAZN fly the flag to push sports streaming to dominate the broadcasting landscape

Global streaming service DAZN is confirmed to broadcast 45 German Bundesliga matches next season after securing a sublicense agreement with TV network Discovery. The international OTT streaming provider is has been experiencing rights uncertainty due to the impact that COVID19 has had on suspending sports suspension. DAZN Group is seeking a $1bn investment to continue their services for the foreseeable future, and the Bundesliga agreement will certainly add reassurance to the value the firm can bring to global sports consumers.

‘The aspiring Netflix of Sports’ have penned a 2-year extension and refurb of their current 10-year broadcast partnership with the Japanese top soccer league, J.League. This agreement could redefine the traditional sports rights model by purely focusing on fixed license fees. Music giants Spotify have allegedly inspired this new commercial model which has had a diversifying impact on the industry’s operations. DAZN are honing their efforts through a risk-reward approach to secure future rights and engaging content relationships.

FC Barcelona become the latest club to integrate their brand into esports

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The Spanish giants haven’t hesitated from breaking sports news this week with Messi reportedly wanting to leave the club. However, this hasn’t fazed Barca from continuing to push boundaries in the esports landscape with gaming company Tencent. The collaboration will see the two parties explore possibilities across esports competitions, education and industry exchange. Barca and Tencent tied-up earlier this year where the gaming firm helped supply the Catalonian club with medical supplies to relief efforts due to COVID19.

According to market research firm Newzoo, the esports industry forecasts to accumulate $1.05bn this year. Barca remains more ambitious than ever to take their identity in the sector to another level as they plan to also partner with a Chinese esports team.

Singapore to ‘digitalise’ the annual marathon

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The annual Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM) is currently exploring virtual alternatives to deliver the event due to COVID19. The main priorities at present lie with ensuring runners remain safe while experiencing the emotional reward, such as the feeling of passing the finishing line.  

Participants now have the opportunity to earn points through the digital event. Meaning they’ll be eligible to utilise these to purchase merchandise, discounts and other exclusive benefits.  The SCSM Virtual Club platform has launched which provides an avenue for sportspeople to track their running data and engage amongst their peers and competitors.

Despite this years SCSM marathon not being the same, it’s reassuring to witness the organisers make every effort to make up for the lost experiences through sports ‘virtualisation’.

PepsiCo become the latest body to revolutionise women’s football

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US multinational food cooperation Pepsico strikes a multi-year deal with UEFA Women’s football. This partnership will see the US firm become the leading partner at the UEFA Women’s Champions League and UEFA Women’s Euro.

Pepsico currently holds the UEFA men’s champions league in their partnership portfolio with their Walkers/Layers snack brand sponsorship the competition. This partnership is a monumental step for the women’s game not only because of the profile that Pepsico accumulate but the fact they’ve become the first to unify their identity in the game with both genders. This incentive by Pepsico could fill be the trademark at filling in the void surrounding the gap in women’s sponsorship.

Spotify captivate their esports presence through new League of Legends music hub

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Audio music dominators Spotify have established an innovative League of Legends (LoL) music hub following their Riot Games collaboration. Riot Games’ partnership with Spotify entails the music giants becoming an exclusive audio streaming partner for the LoL esports division.

Music has become an instrumental factor to illustrate one’s journey through sport and gaming, meaning this joint project couldn’t have come at a better time to connect diverse global audiences. This joint venture also continues to merge the sectors of tech, gaming, sport and media together to create an exciting global entertainment enterprise to set sport apart from other global industry’s.

That’s a wrap! Is DAZN’s innovative strategy sustainable for the foreseeable future in sports streaming? Will the SCSM becoming digitalised become a regular annual set up if successful? And, will the growth of esports and women’s football ever peak?


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