If KSI vs Jake Paul happens, what does the future hold for content creators and sport?

KSI and Jake Paul are two global entertainers that have been dominating the mainstream media landscape for years. Both have verbally expressed an interest to hit seven bells out of each other in the boxing ring, especially Jake as he’s on the quest for redemption after KSI beat his brother, Logan Paul, in November 2019. This highly-anticipated bout is likely to be another boxing media frenzy considering the success that came out from KSI vs Logan Paul 2. The YouTube boxing incentive has sparked a realm of opportunity for other creators to establish their brand into the sport. This blog will focus on the potential the future holds for the relationship between content creators and sport.

KSI reacts to Jake Pauls new song ‘Fresh Outa London’

Jake is due to step in the ring with retired NBA star Nate Robinson in November 2020 on the undercard of Tyson vs Jones Jnr. In the meantime, KSI and Jake have been criticising one another about their music careers! Both creators recently released a single on the 27th July, with Nathan Dawe ft. KSI- ‘Lighter’ and Jake Paul- ‘Fresh Outta London’. Both entertainers were condemning each other about having ghostwriters, the quality of their music and who’s music videos have more views. I know what you’re thinking, it’s cringy and childish! Don’t roll your eyes just yet, this incentive keeps their audiences engaged, rivalry fresh and resultantly increasing the appetite for KSI vs Jake Paul.

Logan Paul holding up his brother’s arm after Jake’s one-round victory against UK YouTuber AnesonGib, the original photo can be found here: https://cnn.it/2PQomg2

Both YouTubers have shown courage, heart and passion for putting themselves in the professional boxing ring. KSI vs Logan Paul 2 polarised boxing’s traditional audience demographic, from the fighting quality not matching up to a typical boxing headliner, KSI and Logan lacking a professional reputation to other pro boxers and it is something the industry has never seen before. However, seeing Jake Paul’s one-round stoppage win against UK creator AnesonGib in January demonstrated the Ohio born to have respectable fighting skills for a YouTuber. Jake’s involvement adds more authenticity to the likely KSI vs Jake Paul fight considering KSI has an arguably stricter opponent, a stronger rivalry with Jake compared to Logan which will get both of the creator’s audiences even more excited.

YouTube star Chunkz endorsing Chelsea player Mason Mount’s celebration against Everton

The relationship between content creators and sport is more than just clout; it’s an evolution of sports culture transforming into global entertainment. An example includes YouTube star Chunkz playing a ‘guess the song’ challenge with Chelsea player Mason Mount. The England International lost and had to do a ‘Frankenstein’ celebration that Chunkz invented whenever he next scores a goal. This celebration ended up going viral in Chelsea’s 4-0 win against Everton. YouTuber Spencer Owen founded the EE Wembley Cup; an annual football tournament played between male YouTubers. This initiative has produced revolutionary results, including 148.2m+ video views and a 300% increase in online event-affiliated brand searches. Both examples demonstrate content creators understand how to embark an element of culture into an industry and convert this into impact.  

Recent tweet by Logan Paul offering $10,000 to anyone who can beat him in a wrestling match

Despite Logan losing the rematch against KSI, this hasn’t fazed the ex-controversial YouTuber to pursue other ventures in sport. Earlier this week Logan called out any YouTuber to a wrestling match with $10,000 at stake for the winner. UK gamer JMX didn’t take long to raise the stakes by tweeting he’s willing to put $100,000 on the line if Logan jumps into the Octagon. The twitter thread has already garnered close to 100k likes, and if both men follow through, it will only maximise the impact in the combats sports world. 

Conor McGregor’s jiu-jitsu trainer Dillon Danis has been drawn into the digital circus as well. The US MMA artist has challenged $1 million to Logan Paul in a wrestling match if Logan wins. Call it blind stupidity, ‘clout chasing’ or polarisation, it’s forcing sports professionals to align a robust strategy to influence brand value. There’s a reason Jake Paul is featuring on the undercard of Tyson vs Jones Jnr, the US influencer has more online reach than any other fighter on that card, meaning a large segment of his audience will likely buy into the event.

The integration of content creators and sport validates the industry’s awareness of the value that young audiences have to produce commercial merit. Despite the lack of authentic sporting ability, millions of Jake Paul and KSI fans will buy into whatever ventures either creator pursue. This innovative scheme will attract further inclusion into the industry, where more youngsters will be encouraged to engage in sporting ventures as long as their beloved creators have anything to do with it.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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