The AST wrap-up, edition five

Online streaming continues to push boundaries, eCommerce accelerates engagement in Asia and could TikTok have some new competition?

Twitch will innovate the sports radio experience with Six Sports Talk Radio Partnership

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For the first-time, video streams of Sport talk radio will appear on Twitch through a multi-partnership alongside This venture will captivate a new generation of audiences for Sports talk radio, considering the Amazon-owned platform withholding 17.5 million daily consumers.

It will prove a new resource for fan engagement as Twitch viewers can submit live messages through the platform’s forum, which can get received live on-air. This collaboration marks a revolutionary era for sports radio to push the boundaries by identifying new methods to value their fan base.

Exciting news for cricket fans, you can watch Surrey County Cricket Clubs’ County and T20 games for free!

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Surrey County Cricket Club (SCCC) has struck an agreement with Facebook Watch to broadcast games from the Kia Oval free-of-charge this season. SCCC have optimistic hopes to welcome fans back into the Kia Oval later this season, however, if this fails at least supporters will be satisfied by free-air-coverage.

Not only will fans have access to watching the game, but they can also engage through live online chat forums through Facebook to connect. This endeavour will prove an opportunity for SCCC to strengthen their Facebook presence alongside Facebook, gaining a competitive advantage over its rivals.

US-based soccer promoters’ Relevent Sports Group’ plan to expand Women’s Soccer content

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Relevant Sports Group (RSG) has initiatives in place to broaden the horizons of the Women’s International Champions Cup (WICC) content for their global audience. Some include a debut show called ‘The Fixture by WICC’ which covers news and highlights across the women’s tournament. RSG has partnered with LaLiga North America to produce a weekly interview show and a documentary to champion the rise of women’s soccer.

Relevant has announced plans to develop the WICC itself, from doubling competitor numbers, broadening European participants and increasing event exposure across the US in 2022.

Twitch also set to host a groundbreaking sports channel

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Twitch has made an industry-pioneering partnership with Real Madrid, Juventus, Arsenal and PSG to broadcast exclusive content through their sports channel. The Amazon-owned platform will work with each club to also produced behind-the-scenes content, press conferences and live matches exclusively available on Twitch.

Twitch intends to influence a new era of fan engagement amongst younger audiences. The platform has already integrated its identity into eSports, entertainment, UFC, Basketball and now European and UK football. This joint venture is another example of sports continually transforming into a global enterprise of media entertainment.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) enhances eCommerce’s growth across the Philippines

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The NBA agrees on a deal with Filipino basketball retailer Titanomachy to develop an eCommerce store across the local market. The site will go live on August 6, and NBA fans can expect to have access to all merchandise across the 30 teams, including sportswear and equipment.

English Premier League champions Liverpool FC are another brand that has conquered the growing market space for eCommerce in Japan. Nike and Adidas regularly host live video streams across Asia to showcase their products, proving to garner new eyes to their brands. What influence will this have towards the NBA’s target demographic?

TikTok competitor Triller will be bringing you Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jnr

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Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jnr are coming out of retirement to have an exhibition fight on September 12. Entertainment platform Triller has the privilege to deliver the highly-anticipated occasion exclusively through their medium.

Triller’s direct rivals TikTok has been threatened to be banned in multiple territories including India and the US relating to ‘security concerns’. TikTok’s adversities provide Triller with the opportunity to fill in the social media hole that TikTok would’ve left behind, the Tyson vs Jones Jnr event could provide the entertainment medium with a jump-start to get a step ahead in the OTT content game.

It’s been a very digital orientated week in the world of sports business. Twitch have their eyes on the prize in the sports broadcasting market, Facebook edges closer to becoming a genuine competitor for streaming sports matches and could TikTok finally be over-taken in the OTT content game?

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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