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Welcome to a new addition to Ash’s Sports Talk, your weekly sports business wrap-up! Every Sunday, we will be bringing you the most informative and lucrative sports industry stories to share with your peers. This weeks edition consists of football serving fans an appetite of entertainment, sports broadcasters continuing to play tug of war over media rights and other fascinating progressions around the sports industry!

The Premier League finally gets to feed its hungry-consumers

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The Premier League has returned to its throne, the top of the sports industry table. Project restart has demonstrated to reach millions of viewers in and out of football. According to SportBusiness, over 41% (25.179 million) of the UK TV viewers have engaged with Premier League coverage. The Merseyside Derby has reportedly broken viewership records by becoming the most-watched Premier League game ever, accumulating an average viewership of 4.817 million. This record surmounted the Manchester derby in 2012, beating an average accrual of 4.486 million spectators. This pandemic has provided a revamp to English football to captivate new audiences and showcase its power to engage society through world-class entertainment.

Could the Bundesliga head over to Saudi Arabia?

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) continues to innovate and diversify their region through sport. Sports Pro Media report that the KSA is holding talks with the Bundesliga to own media rights across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Currently, Qatar-based sports network, BeIN Sports carry this 5-year contract with the Bundesliga for approximately $50 million per year. Despite this initiative by Saudi causing tension against Qatar, the KSA is proving to be a global sports powerhouse. Saudi Arabia is currently linked with the Newcastle takeover, hosting the 2027 AFC Asian Cup, due to stage a Ladies European Tour event in October, planning to deliver the Spanish Super Cup and Supercoppa Italiana. The is a new era for ‘The Land of the Two Holy Mosques’ where sport will bring positive change for the world to witness.   

The Deutsche Fußball Liga help DAZN bounce back into the broadcasting game

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The Financial Times had reported the worldwide suspension of sport has significantly impacted business for global sports group, DAZN. However, earlier this week, SportBusiness announced that DAZN secured domestic rights for the Bundesliga from 2020/2021-2024/2025. SVG Europe revealed that DAZN is hosting 106 matches per season every Friday and Sunday across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Sky Sports have also received a slice of the cake, obtaining rights to 200 live games per season. Overall, this Bundesliga package is reportedly worth an attractive 4.4 billion Euros! This deal is the most substantial offer for domestic football rights awarded to a European Sports streaming service. This event is revolutionary for DAZN to continue being dubbed as ‘The Netflix of Sports’ by bringing global sports fans a suite of content through their unique medium of multi-sports.

The 2019 Rugby World Cup revolutionises the Japanese Sports economy

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SportBusiness reports almost £4.3 billion was generated from a cost-effective production, making this sporting event the most successful in the Japanese sporting history. The tournament yielded a ticket-sell out rate of 99% (1.72m sold), the most for any Rugby World Cup. The competition oversaw 242,000 international fans contributing to a spectator spend of over £2.59 billion in Japan. According to SA Rugby Mag, this figure was proportionally 4.6x higher than the average visitors daily spend in 2018 across the nation. There have been over 46,000 jobs sustained with 13,000 volunteer roles created, meaning increased support towards Tokyo 2021. Japans sporting profile will now attract further commercial interest, changing the nation’s infrastructure providing more opportunities for the youth to succeed through sport.

It’s official, Liverpool FC is going vegan!

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Liverpool FC announced meat-free alternative brand ‘Quorn’ as their new sponsor on the eve of their historic Premier League title victory. This partnership will promote awareness about the benefits to reap from vegetarian and vegan-based foods. Edie has mentioned Quorn will source new match-day food options for fans once stadiums re-open. Plus, there will be a high involvement with the clubs’ nutrition team to expand sustainable options on low-carbon protein resources. Not only is this collaboration fruitful for promoting a sustainable environment, but it’s also efficient with fostering diverse club sponsorships. The Drum has reported over 76% of football sponsorships promote junk food brands alongside the BBC identifying football fans experience high-stress levels. Therefore, Liverpool FC using health-based sponsors could influence a new strategy for clubs to think similarly about looking after the wellbeing of their audience.

Microsoft and Facebook intend to take Esports to new heights

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When one door closes, another one opens. Unfortunately, the door that closes is the Esports platform, Mixer. However, SportBusiness reports that Microsoft is teaming up with Facebook Gaming to provide most innovative Esports experience. The former mixer community will transfer to Facebook Gaming. The Daily Mail revealed Microsoft’s cloud-based games-service xCloud is in the Facebook Gaming package; this presents an opportunity to build an audience with exclusive xCloud content. xCloud is adding value in the gaming market by allowing iOS users to play Xbox games through their iPhones and iPads. Initially, this would have only been available through a home console. It is a transformative era for gaming worldwide; it will be fascinating to identify the impact this makes on the Esports market.

There is no stopping the rise of women’s’ cricket

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SportBusiness reports the Women’s T20 World Cup 2020 as one of the highest viewed female sporting events in history. India making it to the final was a key accelerator for digital engagement. Overall global viewership was 423% higher than 2018 figures for the knockout stages. The Indian Cricket Council mentioned their nations live viewing hours yielded to 86.15 million, a 152% increase compared to 2018. The final acquired 1.2 million viewers, recording the event as the most-watch match in the sport. The UK had also experienced an excel in audience expansion with England’s opening match against South Africa, generating a 259,000 audience size. We’re entering a progressive era for the growth of women’s sport, and we look forward to this movement enhancing inclusion in all levels of sport.

That’s a wrap; Football continues to embrace its brand to satisfy its consumers worldwide. Women’s sport is only heading in one direction; Esports and Japan both have many reasons to be excited.  

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